Exploration: Abandoned Houses in Medium-Sized Towns

Abandoned Feed Store

Photos from the old feed store in Elk River. It’s deserted now, but there’s a sign on the front saying they’re going to renovate it next year.

I found a broken window, but it was the middle of the day, so I just stuck my head in. Glad I didn’t go all the way in — I realized after the fact that there were people in the bar across the street watching me the whole time. Totes awks.

Abandoned Feed Store

Abandoned Feed Store

Not high-quality images but it was pretty dark in there.

Abandoned Feed Store

20150525_164741 (1)

This last photo is actually from an Elk River barn I THOUGHT was abandoned. When I went to check it out, I realized someone still lives in the house on the property. Oops! Sorry, single-dude-who-clearly-lives-there-alone-in-moderately-squalid-bachelordom.

But I got this photo, which I LOVE because it shows how much pride and effort originally went into the barn. It was built for totally utilitarian purposes, yet whoever put it together cared enough to use these beautiful star hinges on the back door.

abandoned barn

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