Exploration: An Abandoned Farmstead with a Fantastic Dairy Barn


So this was a good one. We had to navigate a pile of dead animals and poky fences to get to it, but it was worth it.

All the doors and windows in the house were broken open, so it was dead simple to get inside. The down side, of course, was that a million other people had already been there too. They left lots of graffiti art, mostly of dubious quality. And an unexplained flat of pinto beans in the kitchen. (Who chooses canned beans as their house-squatting snack?)

The outbuildings hadn’t been touched, though, and they were BEAUTIFUL. The barn still had all its original plumbing and milking stalls intact. And then we found a perfect piece of machinery in one of the silos, this huge, metal sifter machine suspended from the roof by a single metal cord. I got goosebumps when I poked my head in the silo and saw it hanging there in complete silence. Super-cool.

Anyway, enough of me blabbering. Here’s the abandoned house porn you came for.


Silo upshot. Starry-lookin’.

Abandoned Minnesota house and barns

Menacing chunk of machinery in one of the silos. Anyone know what it’s for?


Twisted bones of an old barn lamp. RIP, lamp. I’m sure you gave good light back in the halycon days of your prime.


Long shot of the middle walkway inside the barn.


Dreamy shot.


More silo machinery.


Birthing stalls, I think.


Cow watering system.



Corridor leading from shed to barn.




“It’s a great invention, Edgar, but what should we call it?”

“I dunno, Phillip. We need something catchy, something unforgettable.”

“Whelp…we know it’ll be used in silos. How ’bout the Silo-Matic?”

“Genius. Genius, my man! Get Don Draper on the phone, this is marketing gold!”


Milk cellar?


Perfectly good lawnmower!


Pre-fab horror film set.


Do not touch…or if you do, make sure your tetanus vacs are up to date.


The wheels on the bus…have been stilled by the vagaries of time.

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