Exploration: An Impromptu Garage/Outbuilding Excursion

A bit of a post to punctuate the dearth of content on here. I have some really meaty posts coming up in the next few days/weeks, if that’s any excuse for the recent lack thereof.

This was just a brief stop at an abandoned lot on my way home from the barn. The house (which I loved and fantasized about buying back in the day, not that I had any money) got bulldozed a couple years ago, but they left the outbuildings.

A Smokehouse?

I’m not sure what this was. All stone, trailer-sized, with some random pipes and a huge built-in chest against one wall. Maybe a living hole for some misanthropic bachelor uncle.

Minnesota abandoned house




Old Garage 

You could eat off the floor in here. Whoever cleaned this place out had that stereotypical Norwegian sense of thoroughness in spades. Kinda cool when you can read a little of past owners’ personalities in what they leave (or don’t leave) behind.



That’s all for now, folks!

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