Music: Bae Tigre’s “We Will Go”

I love this song (and I love the band name “Bae Tigre” even more). “We Will Go” is the first track on Tigre’s second album, Perennial Bygones. It’s a lush song full of unabashedly dramatic instrumentals — the kind of song that closes out a dark, rain-drizzled romantic comedy with a sad ending. “Hello, Goodbye,” the track that follows it, is also great. The rest of the album doesn’t do as much for me, although it grows on me each time I listen. (It’s got sort of an “experimental Lana Del Rey” vibe to it.)

Ranelle Johnson heads up Bae Tigre as the feature vocalist. She’s backed by¬†Addison Wasson, Alex Galle-From, Nathaniel Bates, Katherine Seggerman and John Acarregui. They actually have a show coming up this week — Thursday at the Nomad World Pub, 9:00 pm. More info on their Facebook page.

And here’s the music.

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