Art: Cool Minnesota Shiz Roundup

I’m think I’ve forfeited my cool girl card by using the word “shiz,” but whatevs. And now I’ve used two dorkisms in one sentence. I’m on a roll 2nite.

Anyway, here’s a roundup of Minnesota-associated people I’ve been into lately — an amuse bouche to tide the content monsters over until I’ve completed my next Minnesota Person of Interest profile (which should go up later this week, so check back for it soon).

Reynaldo Budhi, Artist

Reynaldo is actually from New York, but he’s WWOOFing on a local farm this summer, which is where I met him. His work is BEAUTIFUL, all caps deserved. A lot of mildly impressionistic takes on natural subjects like tomatoes or hay bales. You should check it out. I actually just purchased a print of Hay Bale a few minutes ago, and I’m planning to take down my favorite Gauguin poster to make room for it. I don’t displace Gauguin for nothing, people.

This is the piece I just purchased. I'm so excited!
This is the piece I just purchased. I’m so excited!

Sarah Edwards, Fashion Blogger

I’m probably really late to the party on this one, but I just discovered that Sarah Edwards (of I Am Kindness fame) has a really great fashion blog too. Top-notch photography, and it’s fun to see a local girl showing off some exceptionally well-curated looks.

Alijah LeCour, Dancer

I know nothing about flexing, but I know this looks really cool. Enjoy. Alijah has a lot more videos on Youtube if you, like me, are mesmerized and can’t stop watching.

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