Music: A Quick & Dirty Q&A with Nethan

All right, it’s not dirty, it’s just quick. But worthwhile. A little background info on a very new band that I really, really like. I was lucky enough to hear a couple unreleased songs from them recently, and they were just as good as I expected. Keep an eye on their website!

  1. Where did you (all) come from?

We all came from Owatonna MN, and went to high school together.  Half of us were in a death metal band and the other half playing primarily blues before we got together and made music.

  1. Any shows coming up or new music coming out in the near future?

We are speaking with a few venues around Minneapolis, but have not decided on dates yet.  We will definitely keep you posted, show dates can also be found on our website or Facebook.  We slowly give our whole albums away through social media and we like to milk the process, so check up on our site every now and again and there will probably be a new song.

  1. How would you describe your sound as a band?

We like to describe ourselves as blues rock or something of that nature.  All of our musical backgrounds are a little different however, and we aren’t shy of playing a genre that doesn’t make sense for us, so it’s difficult to say what our complete sound is.  What we show other people falls primarily within blues to rock.

  1. Important musical influences?

Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Doors, The Beatles, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, Beck, Arctic Monkeys, Alabama Shakes….

  1. Five year plan/goals/dreams?

We all plan to be dead by thirty so that gives us seven to eight years of nothing but open possibility.  For now we just want people to hear our music, and their reaction will tell us what our plans and goals should be.

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