Music: American Revival’s “Hey Little Baby”

Bandcamp sometimes seems overrun with EDM, death metal and experimental noisecore. They all have their place, but I’m always excited to encounter some good, straightforward rock n’ roll or country as I traverse the new releases.

American Spirit delivers on that with their second release, the Scotch Sessions. Guys, it’s just so dang GOOD. Like, every song on it is going into my permanent rotation.

(Musially-related side note: I’ve been using as my main listening site lately and it is GREAT, especially if you’re into indie stuff. Instead of pulling from a private music library, it lets you import whatever you want from Youtube or Soundcloud, making it easy to create playlists with songs from less-recognized artists. It also lets you create music listening rooms, where you can trade turns DJing with other users in real time. The UI is a little cheesy and complicated, but the site is free, so ya really can’t complain. :))

American Spirit describes themselves as an alt country band, which is true. But they’ve got garage rock underpinnings that show through on most of the songs — in the best way possible. You don’t hear it so much in “Hey Little Baby,” but try “Racecar Bus” to really get a taste of their rowdier side.

Follow the band on Facebook or Twitter, or check out their 2013 CityPages interview for a more in-depth look at their background and influences.

And don’t forget to listen to the music!

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