Marc Maron/Aaron Draplin WTF Recap

Check out Draplin’s TED talk if you’re looking for more great ideas from him.

This is just a PSA to let you know that Marc Maron has a new WTF podcast out with graphic designer Aaron Draplin. Draplin’s not quite a local son, but he is a graduate from our own, esteemed Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Close enough, right?

I don’t think a WTF podcast has ever made me cry before. Draplin and Maron spend a good chunk of the episode talking about Draplin’s dad, the guy who got him interested in design in the first place. He clearly adored his father, and the story of how he got to “make good” before his dad died will catch you right in the feels. Don’t listen to it at work like I did.

They talk a lot about graphic design too. It’s nice to hear straight talk from a creative person who just wants to create stuff that’s useful. I love that approach to “art” or whatever it is we want to call the things we make. Just make beautiful stuff that people can use. That’s really all that we need to do. Keep it simple. We can leave the drama and agony and angst about creativity to the 19th century Romantics, where it belongs.

Agree? Disagree? Listen to the podcast and leave a comment about it if you want. 🙂


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