Dansvidios — “Lo Dicho 1/2” Review

I’ve been into this EP lately. It’s Latin-inflected dance hiphop. And yes, I know, the sounds that Pitbull stubbornly keeps calling music could be described the same way, but don’t worry. This ain’t the same.

Dansvidios ≠ Pitbull

Dansvidios is a (formerly local) hiphop duo composed of Checho Freire and Diosnel Campoalegre (hailing from Cuba and Ecuador, respectively). As far as I can tell, Lo Dicho 1/2, released about a year ago, is their first recording effort.

It’s definitely club music, packed with dance beats, but it’s interesting club music. Every song has its own feel, and they stand together nicely. And you get that awesome Latin-pop flair throughout.

There’s plenty of really competent rapping here, the sort of thing that’s good to listen to. Strong delivery, nice flow. It’s enough to make me wish I spoke Spanish so I could actually understand what they’re saying. And check out Hambre, the second track, for a lovely feature by Dark Angel (who, regrettably, seems to have no web presence outside of Lo Dicho 1/2).

Dansvidios > Pitbull

Every song on here is fun. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but Kanguro is a great listen and representative of the rest of the EP.

If you’re looking for more Dansvidios, they just released Lo Dicho 2/2. It’s another club track that’s about par for their course — fun, dancy hiphop that’s not too complicated. The duo have relocated to New York since they released Lo Dicho 1/2, but, if you can’t follow them in person, you can always follow them on Facebook.

Album Rating: 6 out of 10

How to Listen: Did you read the review? You can figure it out.

Disclaimer I: I don’t speak Spanish, so if you can and you’re offended by the lyrics here, uh…don’t blame me, I guess.

Disclaimer II: Don’t watch the music videos on their Facebook page. They’re about as embarrassing as underfunded visual celebrations of the fuckboy lifestyle can be.

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