Lunar Bedrooms – “Lunar Bedrooms” EP Review

First off, Lunar Bedrooms is a fantastic band name.

A fantastic name for a very likable band. Lunar Bedrooms is a dance rock group hailing from the Twin Cities — Luke Darger (vocals, keys, guitar), Nick Harrison-Strot (guitar, vocals), Alex McCormick (bass, vocals) and Austin McLaughlin (drums, vocals).

They dropped their debut EP today and I’m into it. It’s ostensibly synth-heavy dance rock (the synth descriptor is accurate), but it slews pretty dramatically between dance rock and dance pop. That’s not a bad thing.

Pop/Rock, Rock/Pop

Solar Storm is probably the poppiest track on it – a bleak meditation on disaffection with chirping synth filling up the background. Monster Blood, on the other hand, sounds like The Smiths decided to make dance rock and did it real well. And the soaring keys and riffs on GSVRU meld pop and rock into a single, upbeat swirl of sound.

Don’t bother investing much time in the lyrics – they’ve got that Glass Animals opacity without that Glass Animals vividness. (A representative sample: we’ve been coming up forever/ I think you should stay/ you’re my pleasure, you’re my pain/ lose it all together, tonight in the rain.)

But final say? Lunar Bedrooms has a fresh, fun sound with grit and vitality behind it. I’m excited to see them continue to evolve.

Looking for show info? Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Tumbr or website for updates.

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