gallery Abandoned Minnesota: Asbestos Edition

A, you know, friend of mine went on an urbex adventure in the Twin Cities a couple months ago. She had fun and took some cool photos. Probably swallowed a little asbestos. Def worth it. 🙂

abandoned factory long shot interiorhallway in abandoned factoryabandoned catwalk 2abandoned factory panorama shotabandonded factory equipmentabandoned control panellanding in abandoned factorymetal staircase in abandoned factoryupper level of abandoned factoryabandoned catwalkcatwalk in abandoned factoryabandoned fire stokerstall doorway in abandoned factorytall holding container in abandoned buildingammonia holding tank in abandoned factorydoorway in abandoned buildingabandoned filing drawerscompressor in abandoned factorygear plate in abandoned factoryabandoned manual in factoryabandoned papers in unused factorylarge control panel in abandoned factorytimers and clocks in abandoned factory

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