cp,[ressedHello, and welcome to Minnexplore! I’m Christi, a bred-and-born Minnesotan who can’t stop falling in love with this state. (Seriously. I get butterflies sometimes when I think about how cool it is.)

How do I love thee, Land of 10,000 Lakes?

Let me count the ways.

(1) I love the number, variety and quality of Minnesota musicians creating good music in the Twin Cities. Of course it’s awesome that we can claim popular acts like Brother Ali and Doomtree (and that Prince guy too), but the lesser-known people and bands like Nethan, Tiny Deaths, Toussaint Morrison, Undlin and Wolfe and Yasen Marie are all just as exciting. And the new music never stops coming.

(2) I love that we have more theatres per person than any other U.S. cities except New York. I love that we have established theatres like the Guthrie, where you know you’re going to see something good, and maverick companies like Ten Thousand Things, which performs Shakespeare for free in prisons and homeless shelters.

(3) I love that you can get OUT of the cities in less than an hour. And not just out into the suburbs. An hour’s drive north will take you straight into rural Minnesota, where the fields are green and the farm towns are friendly. From busy metropolis to idyllic heartland in less time than it takes to make dinner? I’ll take it.

(4) I love that Minneapolis offers so many unique experiences. Where else could you browse for leather scraps under the watchful gaze of a bewigged dinosaur while death metal plays in the background? Where else could you check out the world’s largest collection of Sherlock Holmes-related material inside an underground cavern? Where else can you buy transcendentally good English pasties from a basement hole beneath a laundromat?

You see? There’s a lot to love here, and that’s just the start. I want this site to celebrate that, to be a place where we can explore Minnesota culture + build a community of people who love it.

And if you’re still leery of the Land of Sky Blue Waters (I get it, the winters are scary and hotdish is fucking weird), I hope this site will help you see its lovable side.

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